Make $3700 with Amazon Associates starting now | Full guide 2023

Here’s everything about Amazon Associates program with proven strategies to make money online with it. Discover the best ways to post your recommendations and making money in a step by step manner.

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Amazon Associates full guide

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Want to Make Money around $3700 or more than that with your website or blog with proven strategies? If so, Amazon Associates could be a good fit for you.


In this blog you will read everything you should know about making money through Amazon Associates in step by step.


Amazon Associates is a marketing programme that allows you to earn commissions by promoting and selling products on Amazon’s website. 


As an Amazon Associate, you can promote a wide variety of products and earn a percentage of each sale you refer.


It’s a simple and straightforward way to generate passive income and expand your online presence. 


In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to getting started with Amazon Associates and earning commissions right away.


Brief overview of getting started with Amazon Associates


Step-by-step guide on how to create an Amazon Associates account


Step 1:  Go to the Amazon Associates website (

                  Click on the “Join Now for Free” button.


Step 2: Enter your personal information, including your name, email, and mailing address.


Step 3: Create a unique username and password for your account.

                 Click on the “Create Your Amazon Account” button.


Step 4: Review and accept the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.


Step 5: Choose your payment method (bank deposit or check).


Step 6: Add your website or social media platform where you will be promoting Amazon products.


Step 7: Enter any additional information or preferences for your account.


Click on the “Finish Registration” button.


Wait for your application to be reviewed and approved by Amazon. This process can

take up to 48 hours.


Once your application is approved, you can start promoting Amazon products and earning commissions.


Proven Strategies to increase Conversion Rate


How to choose relevant and high-converting products using the Amazon Associates website and tools to find products


To choose products to promote, you can start by finding products that are relevant to the content of your website or that align with the interests of your audience.


One way to find relevant products is to browse through the different categories on and look for products that are popular or highly rated. 


You can also use the Amazon search bar to find products that are related to specific keywords.


Another way to find products to promote is to use the Amazon Associates SiteStripe, which is a tool that allows you to search for and access links to products directly from the website.


SiteStripe also provides you with information on the commission rate for each product, as well as the average price, so you can make informed decisions about which products to promote.


You also can check the Performance section of amazon associates account to see which products are selling well.


It’s important to note that Amazon’s terms of service prohibit the promotion of certain products, such as those that are illegal or unsafe, so be sure to review the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement before promoting any products.


It’s also important to provide an honest and impartial review and opinion about the product, providing some pros and cons. This way you’ll build credibility with your audience and improve your conversion rate, as well as help your audience make an informed decision about the product.


Additionally, testing the product by yourself or by a sample group of people, can give you a firsthand perspective of the product and also help increase your credibility.


Obtaining affiliate links for Amazon Products


You can obtain unique affiliate links for each product by using the Amazon Associates SiteStripe tool. This tool allows you to create affiliate links directly from the website, so you can quickly and easily link to products that you want to promote.


How to enable sitestripe: Go to the Amazon Associates home page. Click on the Tools Section, then select SiteStripe. Now click on the learn more and turn on the display status.


Here’s how you can use the SiteStripe tool to obtain unique affiliate links for each product:


Log in to your Amazon Associates account and navigate to the website.


Use the search bar to find the product that you want to promote, or browse through the different categories to find a product.


Once you’ve found a product, move your mouse cursor over the product image. This will reveal the SiteStripe bar, which is a tool that allows you to create affiliate links.


In the SiteStripe bar, click on the “Get Link” button to generate an affiliate link for that product.


Repeat steps 2-4 for each product that you want to promote. Each time you click the “Get Link” button, you will be given a unique affiliate link for that product.


You can copy and paste the affiliate links into your website or marketing materials, or you can use the SiteStripe tool to create widgets, banners and other promotional materials that you can use to promote the products.


It’s important to note that Amazon’s terms of service require that you clearly disclose that you are using affiliate links, so make sure to include a disclaimer or disclosure statement on your website or in any marketing materials that you use to promote the products.


Also, keep in mind that the links will have an expiration time, so if a customer doesn’t buy the product within that time frame, you won’t get the commission, so you may want to check on them from time to time.


Tracking the progress in Amazon Associates and reporting


The Amazon Associates dashboard is a tool that allows you to track clicks and sales on products that you promote via affiliate links.


To use the dashboard, you must first join the Amazon Associates programme. After that, you can access the dashboard and begin creating affiliate links for Amazon products.


You can use the dashboard’s “Links and Banners” feature to track clicks and sales. This enables you to create customised affiliate links for specific Amazon products or pages.


These links can then be embedded on your website or shared on social media.


The dashboard will track the number of clicks on each link as well as any sales that result from them.


The “Reports” section of the dashboard also provides you with detailed data on your clicks and sales, including the number of clicks, number of sales, and total commission earned.


The report also includes filters for date ranges and product categories. In addition, the dashboard’s “Performance” feature allows you to view real-time data on clicks and sales.


You can also view a summary of your account activity, such as earnings, new and pending orders, and account balance.


You must monitor the dashboard on a regular basis to track the performance of your affiliate links and optimize the areas that require improvement.


Understanding and using reports to optimize your promotions for more clicks: 


You can determine which ads, link types, and goods are effective by examining these reports to see which ones are not.


This can assist you in making informed choices regarding the promotion of certain goods, the use of particular link types, and the optimization of your promotions to boost clicks and sales. 


In order to separate and enlarge the data that interests you, you can filter the reports by product category, date period, and other criteria.


In order to determine which links are the most profitable and which are not, you need also monitor the performance of the links over time and compare them. 


By concentrating on the goods and campaigns that are succeeding and improving those that aren’t, you can use this knowledge to maximize your promotions.


Best practices to make more money online faster


Promoting products effectively as an Amazon Associate can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can use to increase your chances of success. Some key strategies include:


Choosing the right products to promote:


Research products that are likely to be in demand, have high conversion rates, and offer a good commission. Look for products that have high star ratings, a large number of reviews, and are in a niche or category that you have a good understanding of.


Creating high-quality content:


Develop content around the products you promote, such as product reviews, buying guides, and how-to articles.


Use images and videos to help illustrate your points and make your content more engaging. Aim to provide real value to your audience, this way, the audience will trust your opinion and recommendations.


Building relationships with your audience:


Engage with your audience by responding to comments and questions, and use social media to connect with them. Building trust with your audience will help you to promote products more effectively.

Utilizing different types of affiliate links:


Use different types of affiliate links, such as text links, image links, and native shopping ads, to promote products in different ways. Test different link types to see which ones perform the best.


Promoting a mix of products:


Promote a mix of products, rather than focusing on a single product or category. This will help diversify your income stream and increase your chances of making sales.


Optimizing for SEO:


Optimize your website and content for SEO so that your pages are more likely to show up in search engine results. This can help increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your site.


Tracking and analyzing performance:



Regularly track the performance of your affiliate links, and analyze the data to identify which products, link types, and campaigns are performing well and which are not.


Use this information to optimize your promotions and increase your earnings.


Remember that being an affiliate marketer is a long-term strategy and the results may take time to appear.


However, by being consistent, creating valuable content and being strategic about the products you promote, you can increase your chances of success as an Amazon Associate.



To be a successful Amazon Associate, you must promote the right products, create high-quality content, build relationships with your audience, and use various types of affiliate links. Keeping track of your performance, optimizing your promotions, and analyzing data can also help you increase your earnings over time.

Do you think Amazon Affiliates is a tough one to persue? Share your thoughs in the comments.

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